Probiotic cleaning that protects

PolVita 24/7 products are designed to clean quickly and continuously, allowing a more productive clean. PolVita 24/7 continuous cleaning removes 92% more soil vs. conventional cleaners, making daily cleaning much easier.

PolVita 24/7 products combine an eco-friendly surfactant and a probiotic army that work cooperatively to clean and protect common
surfaces. The surfactants cleaning action safely removes all the visible soil while the probiotics start attacking embedded soil where microscopic organisms thrive and conventional cleaners never reach.

Almost immediately, hard surfaces start to improve in appearance… colors brighten… odors disappear as the probiotic army forms an unseen hygienic barrier against odor and re-soiling that lasts for up
to 14 days with no additional labor or expense.

Better than just cleaning. 14 days of intense effort!

Clean your surfaces daily as per usual. Simply replace your current cleaners with protective probiotic cleansers.

Enjoy the benefits of continuous cleaning for at least 14 days

Benefit from a deep cleaning that removes embedded soil and foul odors

The PolVita-products

PolVita Restroom 24/7

Concentrated probiotic-based descalling cleaner for restrooms

PolVita Multi-Surface 24/7

Concentrated probiotic-based cleaner for all surfaces

PolVita Floor 24/7

Concentrated probiotic-based cleaner for all hard floors

PolVita EnCapture 24/7

Concentrated probiotic-based carpet cleaner and odor eliminator using a minimum of moisture

Clean every little corner

PolVita probiotic cleaners keep working even when you’re not. PolVita removes 92% more soil and odor causing bacteria on a microscopic level after the initial cleaning.

Environmentally friendly and unclassified

The PolVita probiotic strains are licensed by the U.S. EPA for use in detergent solutions, non-hazardous to the user, and are safe to use on all surfaces.

Probiotics by Pollet

PolVita products are part of the “Probiotics BY POLLET” programme. Through this charter, we are committed to providing you with high quality products in which probiotics have a real added value and whose effects have been demonstrated by following a rigorous and innovative scientific approach.