CAPS… because cleaning should never be complicated

Like many innovations, the CAPS “AH-HA!” moment arose completely by accident. While visiting our office, a Genesan team member’s daughter casually twisted a cap filled with colored powder onto her bottle of water. In just a few seconds and without leaving the table, she was drinking a perfectly flavored energy drink and our CAPS micro dilution technology was born. Of course, there were many failed attempts before we got it right, but the ease and simplicity of creating ready-to-use cleaning
solutions virtually anywhere at anytime, never left us. Good ideas usually inspire more good ideas and now, in addition to original CAPS, can offer the Q-CAP: the solution to rapid filling of autoscrubbers, extractors and restroom cleaning equipment without the need for wall-hung dilution control units.


Fill Quart Bottle With Water

Twist On Cap Until It SNAPS!

Invert Bottle to Mix Solution

Remove CAP & Attach Spray Trigger

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CAPS micro dilution

CAPS micro dilution allows you to safely and accurately create ready-to-use cleaning solutions wherever you are

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Q-CAPS allows you to fill large capacity equipment quickly and eliminates the frequent back-and-forth trips to the the janitor's closet

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itelliCAPS combines the innovation of both CAPS programs with the 24/7 access and total control of Smart Vending

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“CAPS has become the go to supply choice for one of our contractors that services a broad-base of state related accounts….

(they) like CAPS for their reliable micro-dilution daily performance on their daily job sites.”

–Steven B.

  A Genesan Distributor Partner



“CAPS has helped us to land new sales from contractors… This is the best and simplest micro-dilution system on the market.”

–Paul B.

  A Genesan Distributor Partner

“CAPS has allowed us to offer the benefits of micro-dilution to customers who were previously using RTU products…

These customers include universities, colleges and public education.”

–Craig S.

  A Genesan Distributor Partner